Friday, March 25, 2011

Another step on our journey!

I spoke with Dr. Baisel at Valley Oak Ranch tonight! I called earlier in the week, but apparently California is experiencing some horrendous weather (not unlike Missouri!) and things had been a little crazy. We had a nice chat :) I should be getting the contract tomorrow, and then we'll go from there! We had a nice chat about our respective climates (haha) and about Quail Valley (who will be storing the semen for us, and handling the insemination). Just another small step on this long journey we're taking!!
Got the last of my 7 books in the mail today. So I'm going to be up to my ears in pictures and pages for weeks! Which is good, since it will stop me from incessantly checking Tres for ANY signs of heat. She is quite sick of me, I'm sure... haha.

Unfortunately the beautiful sunny 75 degree days we were enjoying have transitioned back to snow, sleet, rain, and general nastiness :( oh well. This weekend is the WWU spring dressage show. We had hoped to have Topaz attend, but the weather has made it impossible for any consistency in training. Oh well. She will make her debut later this spring or summer, there is plenty of time!

Sorry there isn't more interesting news to report. Wait, I forgot! :) We working on a website! My brother had originally been working on the outline with his Mac. We weren't concerned with anything too fancy, since we weren't planning on breeding for a while. However, obviously, plans have changed! Lucky for me, we just hired an amazing graphic designer at work, and he's offered to work with me on a simple, but nice, website :) yay! If you have any suggestions on what to do, what not to do, anything, as far as a website, send it my way! We're doing soooo many things we've never tried before!

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