Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barn Work!

Sorry I've let this lapse a little bit, things have been rather crazy at work! Still waiting for our contract to get the FXII semen shipped out here, but hopeful that we'll get it in the mail this week!

Some good news and some bad news. The bad news first. Topaz was being aimed at her first dressage show last weekend. Unfortunately, the Wednesday before the show, the growth on her lip (which our vet had diagnosed as melanoma), had grown considerably, and was bleeding. The vet came out on Friday to take samples, as it isn't really behaving like melanoma. We're still waiting on the results, but we're planning to have it surgically removed in the next few weeks. While we're sad that this is now the second show she missed because of injury, she still has a bright future ahead of her with Lauren :) and we're looking forward to their adventures in the next year!

Next, the good news! The ground finally dried up enough to get our contractor out here to do the dirt work necessary on the barn to get our stalls in! I came home tonight to find the barn floor all leveled out (and as a plus, the contractor removed our HUGE manure pile for his garden, yay!). Next comes laying the stall mats and putting up the stalls! We are VERY excited! Hoping to have everything done before we leave for vacation in July, then the foal paddock will be a fall project.

We're very slowly making headway :) I've also started a small side business. Since I go to horse shows and take hundreds of pictures anyway, I've started selling photos and videos. I photographed my first horse show last Sunday, the CDCTA Spring Dressage show (the one Topaz was supposed to be in). It was exhausting, but a lot of fun! I'm hoping people like the pictures as much as I liked taking them :) The big challenge will be this weekend- the WWU USDF dressage show, encompassing about 27 hours of dressage crammed into 2 days. I'm going to be EXHAUSTED at the end, but hopefully its worth it :)

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