Friday, April 1, 2011

New stalls!

Sorry for the delay, its been a long week! Earlier in the week, a friend forwarded me a Craiglist ad about some horse stalls. I've been interested in pre-fabricated stalls for a while. The barn where I used to board had home-made stalls, and I noticed a lot of issues with them. The few barns I'd seen with pre-fab stalls seemed to hold up better- but that came with a price! I had looked into buying the metal pieces and the lumber separately, and it got pricey very fast! So while I kept an eye on Craigslist for used stalls, most of them were either too expensive, or not what I was looking for. But the ad my friend Michelle (shout-out Michelle!) sent me on Monday looked perfect! Even the price was perfect. But the catch? They were 3 hours away. And because the price was right, they guy had TONS of interest and wanted them out ASAP. First person there with cash took them.

Of course, I was at work, so I couldn't do anything about it. This is where my crazy amazing husband comes in :) I called him, and before I could even finish telling him about it, he was looking up truck rental places. He enlisted some help, and took off. HOURS and HOURS later, he returned victorious! The stalls had been bolted into the barn, so they had to saw them off. Then the stall pieces weighed a TON! It took 6 full grown men several hours to load all the pieces into the box truck. Luckily gravity helped my husband and his brother unload them alone, which was good, since it was at about 2 AM! Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get them from next to the house, to into the barn, since they weigh so much! The ground was too muddy to drive the truck over there, and it had to go back to the rental place. Anybody up for a stall-moving day? :)

But they're PERFECT!!! 12 x 12, sliding doors, beautiful cedar wood, name plate holders on the door, windows in the sliding door, nice SOLID bars, swing out feeder and waterer... I LOVE them!!! Now just to get the barn levelled so we can install them, and find some mats! Topaz and Tres will be styling this winter!!! We got 3 stalls, which will transition into one stall and one FOALING stall next spring! (we will probably have to enlist more help to remove the divider next spring, haha).

I didn't have much luck finding pictures of ones that look similar, and of course, I didn't save the pictures in the Craigslist ad. So you will have to wait until we get them into the barn, then the girls will be the subject of a barn photoshoot :)

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