Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stalls are in and the contract is signed!

I really do need to get back in the habit of updating this regularly, sorry guys! Since I last wrote, a lot has happened. I spent 2 full days at WWU photographing their USDF dressage show, which was so fun! There were some BEAUTIFUL rides, and some lovely horse and rider combinations. I've sold a few pictures :) but am still deciding if its something I want to pursue in the future. If you're interested in seeing pictures, go here. While I was gone all day last Sunday, Myles was a busy bee at the house, putting up 2 of the three stalls! :) All that is left is the foaling stall for Tres. We're not using the stalls yet, waiting to get the stall mats in and a shavings bin built, but its nice to have them in the barn!
On the Topaz/melanoma front, the tests Quail Valley did were not conclusive. Despite my specifically making the appointment for them to biopsy the lip, all they did were compression slides, which showed a lot of infected cells (duh, it was oozing blood and pus, so clearly there was an infection). They wanted us to put her on antibiotics for a few weeks to see if we could shrink the lump at all. At this point, I was very disappointed with our last few visits- they came to microchip Topaz but didn't bring a scanner, I made an appointment for a breeding soundness exam for Tres and he was completely unprepared, the melanoma diagnosis off of just a physical examination.... so we decided to have a second vet out to see her and switch our horses over to a new clinic. Equine Medical in Columbia has a stellar reputation, as well as being one of the premier reproductive clinics in the nation, so we made an appointment with them. They biopsied the lump, and we should have results on Monday. Either way, its nice to have a vet that will do the requested tests and is just as anxious as we are for a course of action. I don't do the passive, wait and see approach very well, so its a relief to be on the same page with the new vet.

In other exciting news, I received both Tres's new registration papers and the contract for her breeding with Fugitivo XII!! I sent in the transfer of ownership nearly FIVE months ago, and IALHA finally sent it back. I can only imagine how long finishing Topaz's registration will take, but I will worry about that later this summer, after Tres is bred. I've got my paperwork for the breeding all filled out, except I'm still debating about which vet to use. I had been comfortable with the idea of using Quail Valley, but I'm still pretty disappointed in our experiences with them in the last month or so. So I am speaking to Equine Medical early next week to find out if they could fit us into their schedules :) I'm sure they are more expensive but I'd rather have it done right the first time!

Aside from that, the rain is really putting a damper on everything else. We've had horrible weather, including hail and tornado warnings, and it doesn't look like its going to let up any time soon. Today we had a brief break and a bit of sun, so I put the horses out front, even though the ground is still horribly wet. They are so focused on inhaling the grass they aren't being rambunctious, so thats good :) They can enjoy it for a few hours, then back to the barn lot and hay.

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