Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And we're off!

Saturday is a big day, ultrasound for Miss Tres! Gotta see what that follicle is doing :) Maybe we'll get SUPER lucky and she'll be close, but with my luck, we'll have just missed it... haha.

On the plus side, the vetericyn is working WONDERS on Topaz's lip. The droopy/bell's palsy look she had going on is pretty much gone, and its filling in SO nicely. I am taking pictures every other day, to document the progress :) totally grossed out my boss, haha. Now I need to get suture scissors to take out the remaining stitches on Friday. Maybe we'll get lucky and the scarring will be minimal :)

Had a great conversation with Leigh Anne today (the trainer for Corona Real) today! Talked about breeding, training, showing, all kinds of awesome stuff. I really do wish we lived closer to her barn, so I could spend more time out there in lessons and having my horses trained. At any rate, she had some interesting propositions for me, and a lot of possibilities have opened up for me to occupy my time with while Tres is on hiatus from the show ring cooking a baby :) I will post when I know more, but in the meantime, send good cycle vibes to us on Saturday!!

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